New Form of One-Time Reversible Male Birth Control Hits 100% Effectiveness Rate in Clinical Trial

Men and women of the world have reason to celebrate one of the newest advances in contraceptive technology. The injectable male birth control Vasalgel was shown to prevent 100% of pregnancies in a clinical trial involving monkeys.

The parent company, Parsemus, states that they will be ready to hold human clinical trials next year.

As of now, this seems to be one of the most promising methods of birth control looking to come onto the market, especially among married couples. Almost all types of female contraceptives, outside of some IUDs, involve introducing hormones into the body. Sometimes, this can be done without serious side effects, but millions of women do experience weight gain, mood swings, swelling, etc. and those are some of the more mild unforeseen consequences.

Both men and women can undergo contraceptive surgery, but the cost can be a significant limiting factor for many individuals, along with the inherent risks the operating table bring with it.

Vasalgel is injected directly into the vas deferens, preventing sperm from exiting the body, much like a vasectomy but less invasive. In order to reverse it, a simple solution is injected into the same spot, dissolving the gel and returning normal sperm flow within days.

That’s it, nothing to take everyday, no need for followup visits to the doctor, and it should be relatively inexpensive (especially since it will likely be covered by insurance). It’s a product that could make family planning much easier and prevent a woman’s body from being exposed to hormonal changes.

If the trials in humans can replicate the results already seen in monkeys, there is a very good chance that this product will be available sometime within the next 2-3 years.

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